Tuesday, January 6, 2009

fun times

so this past saturday relevant did an outreach at the ice rink downtown buffalo so me being a big fan of skating i was happy to go so i used to play hockey so i know how to skate and i pretty good at it so i was doing my thing then my friend and i guy i work with at the church came by they had some friends that came with them they where female needless to say they are not the best skaters so me being the nice guy i am i offer to help so the girl wouldn't let go she like keep hold of of me don't let me fall so i helped her and told her how to skate so in all in all and the end of the staking well are like lets go to get coffee so i ask my friends to come and they didn't so i thought nothing of it then later that day i talked to another friend of mine and she was like what did you do to those girl they didn't want to come to get coffee because of me let me just say this don't falter your self one i don't care i was just trying to be nice and help out so get over your self really so in all in all i get burned for being nice 

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