Monday, December 15, 2008

christmas play

I am doing a kids play at my church this week and to night was the dress rehearsal so no to much fun and the best thing was that the director was sitting right next to me trying to cue the music and she didn't know how to use itunes so i am trying to keep 6 wireless mic from feeding back mind you there on kids and telling her how to work my mac then i was like just  let me handle the music i asked her to just to wright down the cues so i can take care of it but other then that it went well and it is a kids play so it don't have to be perfect you know know matter what there parents will be over joyed to be there and see there little one or in the mister terms short people so in all that its all about the rents and making them proud of them them 


The Mister said...

Stick all those wireless on a group and get a graph on em. Take out everything below 200 and probably 1k through 2k as well. And thanks for the link.

relevant tech said...

yeah to bad the LS9 dont have groups but i did cut out a lot its sounds good i just have to keep the director at bay

The Mister said...

Keeping the director at bay is one of those things they don't teach you at sound guy school. There should be a class, ya know?

P.S. I gave you a blog award for an early Christmas present. Here