Thursday, November 13, 2008


well i got some news tonight and i am still trying to get my head around it but i have to say i am truly happy for them well if i say who it is then they wont have there fun so i want say but then no one read this that don't know ha ha i had lafft at my self for that oh well

so i come to be happy for me being single i happen to like it and then again i am in on way ready for that so i guess God is keeping me for His work i been working at a church i love it its takeing alot of time and i dont mind cuz the less for my do mess up if you know what i mean anyway if so much fun i wish i could quit my day job well night job cuz i work at night o well so i haveing sleepted much cuz we are moveing into a new place and it time to do all the wireing and fly speakers and all good stuff so i been there workin alot in the past week i hope i can go full time there in the near time cuz i want to

and i keep asking my self why do good thinks keep happening to me and i can be an ass to God sometimes and yet He is still there like hello i am here and i am not going anywhere thanks that s one thing i can count on and the great but why cant i seem to let go of my slef and let God do his work but i am so blessed and i dont dever it at all like i am part of a worship band and it great how i get to serve them how ever i can and the church same way i just serve them cuz thats my heart i have that gift and i been takeing avatge of too but oh well i will get over it but i have great life and i ask my slef why.....


GreenPanda said...

I love how this entire entry is one GIANT sentence.

Love ya lil brother.

The Mister said...

Can I sponsor a Write Like Kevin contest? The contestants would have to completely ignore punctuation and use phonemes whenever possible. Your mind is a wonderful place Kev... don't ever change!