Thursday, September 4, 2008

here gose nothing

i am not much a righter, i am bad at spelling. so i am going to try to wright a blog about what goes on in my life. so i have been busy with a lot of shows this summer and its been fun. i am just trying to find my way thought this life God has given me.

so i started to talk to my Ex in the last few days and its been good i dont like to be at odds with people. so it seem she going thought things and i am just tring to be a good friend and help her out becuase that how i am. i am the nice guy who will bend over for any one and help them out. even if i dont know you that well it dosent matter. i try to love everyone like Christ even tho its hard to. i know its not good to put your self out there to much because you will and i mean will get hurt but thats ok i try to get my stranth from God. but this is how He made me to serve people thats my give and i try to do it well. even tho i get the bad end of the stick.

so now i work at a church doing the mixing of the worship as there sound guy. i like the church the people are great nice and fun to work with. now i am just waiting to hopely go full time that would be nice. i cant wait to quit the job i am at now i hate working at night it sucks no fun.